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welcome to the fund raising section

Welcome to the Fund Raising home page. This page is now for historic record only. All activity from 2015 onwards is part of the the new 2015 look and feel pages.


March 2014: The fund raising committee is in it's tenth year. Having completed the 250,000 project to build an extension to the church, the committee continues to arrange a number of events which are designed to raise money for a Church 'infrastructure fund' and for other charities. For an idea of the events please see Fund raising events. For information on sums raised for other charities please see other fund raising.


Attending these fund raising events is a great way to join in the village social scene and get to know neighbours and other village folk. Fund raising events are designed to be social occassions for local residents to enjoy a relaxed evening. The fact that they are ticketed and have a pay bar means that they also act as fund raising events. It's a win win.


The infrastructure fund is a ring fenced fund which we are building up for Church maintenance and others such infrastrcuture works. Recently the fund hgas paid for the installation for a full sound system in the Church.


Update on 2nd Jan 2012: The fund raising committee (Shirenewton Charity Committee) continues to plan and deliver fund raising events. Most events now include a percentage for other charities which we promote as part of the event publicity. The first such 'joint' event was the Call my Bluff wine tasting. Records of the sums raised for other charities are recorded under other fund raising.


Update on 12th June 2011: The fund raising committee has been renamed the 'Shirenewton Charity Committee' (it was formerly known as the Shirenewton Church Fund Raising Committee) and has extended it's brief to raises funds for the Church fabric fund and other charities as it sees fit.


Update on 14th Oct 2010: The debt is paid off! We have had a great year of fund raising. The village fete, followed by the 'grand spectacular' of the Kilimanjaro challenge support by sunrise on Pen-y-Fan, combined with the golf day and a private charity ball has raised sufficient funds to pay off the debt and support a number of other charities. Happy days!


Fund raising will continue to support the Church and, more specifically, the fabric of the building which, being about 840 years old, requires a bit of maintenance from time to time. The exact format, function and rationale of the fund raising committee is yet to be determined.


Update on 20th Feb 2010: The Church Room is in regular use and the committee is working hard to pay off the debt which currently amounts to approximately 45,000.


Update on 4th Jan 2009: The main extension is complete,  has been blessed by the Bishop and even used a couple of times! Your webmaster is hoping to update the site with photos, etc over the next few days.


Financially, we are just about hanging in there. Having paid off all building bills, we are more-or-less exactly where we expected to be last year - namely with a loan of approximately 55,000 (approximately because the final accounting of the 2008 golf day is being competed and some of the funds are in Euros so there is exchange rate fun).


We have yet to 'break through' to the main church and need to complete the car parking facilities. This will take additional funds. The fundraising will, of course, continue until the additional work is complete and the loans are re-paid.


Update on 13th Jan 2008: The shell complete and the fitting out is about to start. We are hoping to have completed the building by Q4 this year.


We have, to date, raised approx 160,000. Costs to date amount to approx 175,000, split 22,000 professional fees and 153,000 building costs. With a 'soft' 25,000 loan we have a current cash balance which just about covers the final builders invoice!


We are anticipating taking out further loans to pay for the fitting out and, are expect to have borrowed approximately 50,000 - 60,000 by the end of the project. The fundraising will, of course, continue until the loan is re-paid.


Update on 23rd Dec 2007: Well the shell is complete. Check out the story and photos here.


Update on 10th Nov 2006: First sod turned! Yes the ground has been broken. See the photos.


Update on 5th Nov 05: Now that we have obtained formal planning approval we thought an update on the fundraising status would be appropriate. As of the end of Oct '05 the total raised is approximately 82,500 against an initial target of 150,000. This target is likely to increase due to building costs inflation. Please note: the term 'approximately' is used as this includes an allowance for 'gift aid' the exact amount of which has yet to be formalised.


Check out the extension plans and the fund raising events (both past, present and future - complete with photos where appropriate).


The church plays a key role in creating, maintaining and enhancing the excellent sense of community spirit which pervades in Shirenewton, Mynyddbach, Earlswood and the surrounding areas. To further enhance its position at the centre of the community we will be building an extension to provide additional facilities to comply with forthcoming European legislation & to provide accommodation which can be used by the Sunday School, Youth Group, church meetings and local club and society meetings.


Check back regularly to review progress and new activities.


Thank you for supporting Shirenewton Church


page last updated 7th September 2015

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