Welcome to St Thomas a Becket Church - Shirenewton.

Services are held most Sundays at 10:00am.

Information on special activites such as those around Christmas, etc. are provided in the 'News, social events and community updates!' banner on the Home page.

The most useful source of information about the Church and the community is the Parish Magazine. This site only publishes historical copies (download here) so we strongly recommend that you subscribe to get free delivery of current copies (10 per year).

For some information on the history of the Church and for Memories of Shirenewton & Mynyddbach please use the link in the main menu or in the 'useful links' section below. There is also a link to some photos and other items of interest and record.

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Bring & Share

The PCC had re-started it's popular 'Bring and Share' evenings in the Saysell Centre (aka The Church Room) and had lined up an exciting programme of speakers. Sadly most were cancelled.

On Friday 8th October 2021 Mark Smith, the arms and militaria expert from the Antiques Roadshow who specialises in military medals, gave a superb talk entitled “For Valour: The History of the Victoria Cross” with reference to Capt Ian Liddell VC of Shirenewton. It was more of a 'Bring and Eat' as COVID meant sharing was inappropriate so people brough their own picnic and were treated to a fascinating talk.

If normal times ever return the format is: To join in simply bring along a plate of food for sharing and your own drinks. Come as a group, couple or individual. The food is placed on a common buffet table and is shared by all. Kick off is normally 7:30pm.

Parish Visitors

We have a team of Parish Visitors who help the priest by visiting anyone who is lonely, unwell, recently bereaved or would like to receive Holy Communion at home.

If you would like a visit or know someone who would like a visit, please contact Parish Visitor Co-ordinator, Diane Marlow on 01291 641407.


An updated history of the Church was published as a booklet by the PCC in 2019. This is available here.

This history drew on, with other sources, an initial history of the Church compiled in 1984 by Mr. Fred Davis one of the Churchwardens and long time village resident. This text was initially published in a church booklet and the text is available here. It also draws on a further Church booklet called 'Memories of Shirenewton & Mynyddbach' compiled by Winifred Jones, Betty Knox, Thelma Moore & Ivy Wells which is of a similar vintage to Fred Davies's history booklet. The text of Memories of Shirenewton & Mynyddbach is available here.

Marriage, Baptism, Confirmation & Funerals

The PCC welcomes all requests to use the Church for Marriages, Baptisms, Confirmations and Funerals.

As the church is currently 'in between' incumbents, to ensure the Church and facilities are available when you would like to use them or for any other questions, please contact the Area Ministry Leader, Revd. Philip Averay on 01291 620980. He will be able to provide the application forms for the ceremonies and the scale of fees and discuss with the PCC any other issues that may arise.

Useful Links

Here are some related links for your convenience.

Visit the Church in Wales website.

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The Church in Wales on Confirmation.

The Church in Wales on Marriage.

The Church in Wales on Funerals.

Some photos of the Church are here.

Some other events and items of note which would be a shame to lose are here.

Church Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll is a a list of names and addresses of the lay people of the parish who are aged 16 and and elected to join the Electoral Roll so that they can: Stand for election to, and vote for, the Parochial Church Council; Be eligible to be a Churchwarden and vote for the People's Warden; Vote for representatives on the Rural Deanery Conference and the Diocesan Conference.

A copy of the Electoral Roll should be displayed near the main door of the church before the Vestry Meeting each year. You can therefore check that your name has been entered. If at any time you want your name removed, all you have to do is request in writing that the Secretary to the PCC remove your name. Every five years a new roll is prepared, which means you will need to re-apply.

There are certain conditions you need to meet to be on the Electoral Roll. For more information please contact the PCC Secretary, Bill Clark on 01291 641783.

Various other things of interest

Good Friday, 25th April 2016

The road from Jerusalem to Golgotha is physically steep and challenging, so a physical challenge of our own, seemed a good way to bring the story of Good Friday closer, in some small way. We were blessed with a beautiful, bright Spring morning; the perfect setting for our walk up Gray Hill. Starting from the reservoir car park, with gathering prayers we walked up the hill, pausing to get our breath back, give thanks for the glorious weather and views and to listen to the unfolding story of Jesus' arrest, trial and crucifixion, concluding with final prayers at the standing stones. We then returned to the car park to picnic on hot cross buns and enjoy a little fellowship to start our Easter Photo.

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