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beating of the bounds 06

Report by our intrepid reporter Glynis MacDonald (aka Bounds) on 21st May 06!


It is a tradition to beat the parish boundaries on Rogation Sunday and to that end the History Society organised a Beating of the Bounds. The skies were leaden, the wind buffeted, the rain lashed but were the people of Shirenewton and Mynyddbach put off?


Yes they were. Only 5 intrepid walkers (and a dog) braved the elements and eagerly set off, ready to seize some small child, upend it and beat itís head on the ground on the edge of the parish as a way of ensuring the boundaries would not be forgotten. But rather unsportingly, no children turned up to take part in this ancient ceremony. Poor show from the youngsters of the parish. What is the youth of today coming to when they refuse to turn up for the annual head bashing?


However, the sun shines on the righteous. As we set off down towards the Cwm, the rain ceased, the wind dropped and the sun emerged from the rain clouds. As we walked, we brushed against swathes of cow parsley. We smelled the heady perfume from the drifts of bluebells. We stood and watched the turbulence of the surging Castroggi. The blue of the sky, the sun sparkling on the rain drenched green of the leaves. What a beautiful world.


Thank you to Bob OíKeefe for leading the walk. You stop-at-homes missed a good walk.





Webmaster's Note: Despite what some may think, "Beating the Bounds" does not involve beating the Church Treasurer over the Head due to the state of the Church accounts! It is a time honoured tradition which the BBC website explains here.


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